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We’re Your Source for Emergency Dentistry

By their very nature, no one can see a dental emergency coming. You’re outside running, and all of a sudden, you take a fall and one of your teeth is knocked out. Or, you’re simply eating when your dentures come apart, making speaking and chewing practically impossible. In these situations, you need to act fast, so if you ever find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, make sure you always do one thing first: call Premier Care Dental.

Dr. Barratt and our team have handled countless emergencies over the years, so when you call in with one, we’ll immediately spring into action. We’ll be ready to offer advice, first-aid tips, and even same-day urgent care if needed. If you’re in pain, we’ll do whatever we can to relieve it as quickly as possible. Now, should the unexpected ever happen to you or a loved one’s smile, you have a plan. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of you.

Common Dental Emergencies

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Premier Care Dental is able to help with the following dental emergencies and more:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Partially dislodged teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Severe toothache
  • Object stuck between the teeth
  • Damaged dental work (fillings, crowns bridges, dentures, implants)
  • Injury to the lips, gums, or jaw
  • Pain or swelling in the face

If you are unsure whether or not your situation is a dental emergency, go ahead and give us a call, and we’ll be happy to let you know what you should do next.

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Dental Emergency Tips

If you experience a dental emergency, be sure to follow these tips in the time before you can make it to our office:

  • In the case of a damaged or knocked out tooth, try to find the tooth, touching only the crown, and rinse it off with warm water.
  • Attempt to place the tooth back into its socket and hold it there until you can see us. If this isn’t possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saltwater.
  • Try to come see us as quickly as possible. The sooner we see you, the more likely we’ll be able to save/replant your natural tooth.
  • Use a cold compress to lessen any pain or swelling.
  • A clean rag and firm pressure can reduce bleeding.
  • Take an over-the-counter medication if necessary, but avoid aspirin as this could make bleeding worse.
  • If you sustain any broken bones in addition to your dental injury or can’t stop bleeding after 10 minutes, head straight to your local emergency room first.

How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

In a perfect world, emergency dentistry wouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately, we don’t live in that world! However, there are a few simple things you can do to lower your chances of needing to make an unexpected dental visit:

  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports (contact or otherwise!).
  • Avoid chewing on extremely hard things like ice, rock candies, etc.
  • Don’t use your teeth to open bottles or packages.
  • Come see us for regular checkups and cleanings. In many cases, a dental emergency is the result of a small problem being ignored for a long time, so with routine appointments, we can keep this from happening to you!

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The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

The cost of your emergency dental treatment will depend on how severe your situation is. For example, a toothache caused by a minor infection may only require a round of antibiotics to treat, while more extensive damage might necessitate root canal therapy or even an extraction. However, no matter the price tag, the last thing you should do is avoid treatment your oral health needs. Dental issues only worsen with time, resulting in higher costs down the road. Our team will do everything we can to minimize your costs as much as possible.

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Emergency Dentistry FAQs

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It’s impossible to avoid emergencies, and they always seem to happen at the most inopportune moments. The best thing you can do is be prepared so you can act quickly and effectively, minimizing the damage. Having a reliable emergency dentist in Grants Pass is a great first step to take. To help reduce your stress if you find yourself in a dental dilemma, we’ve compiled some common questions we get below for your convenience. This way, you can feel prepared for whatever life throws your way.

What’s considered a dental emergency?

Many patients are hesitant to take immediate action because they don’t want to make a huge deal about a small problem. The best way to tell if your oral health issue requires immediate attention from your emergency dentist in Grants Pass, Dr. Tanner Barratt, is if you notice:

  • Swelling
  • Severe pain or discomfort
  • Bleeding that won’t stop
  • Tooth damage
  • Permanent tooth loss

If you are experiencing any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our team of dental professionals understands how stressful emergencies are, which is why we’ll be more than happy to walk you through what you should do. If you’re questioning whether your problem is an emergency or not, you can schedule an appointment with us online just to be sure. That way, we’ll be able to prevent a small issue from possibly turning into something more severe.

Should I visit the ER or a dentist?

When a problem needs immediate attention, sometimes it can be hard to know who to go to first. If you have sustained facial trauma like a jaw fracture, dislocation, serious laceration on your face or mouth, or are having issues breathing or swallowing, you need immediate medical attention. These issues all require a visit to your local emergency room. Other problems that aren’t life-threatening but still need to be treated in a timely manner, like a damaged tooth, can be taken care of by your emergency dentist.

How can I tell if my toothache is an emergency?

One of the most common dental emergencies that we get is severe toothaches. They’re tricky because sometimes they can be caused by something as small as a lodged popcorn kernel between your teeth. If you brush and floss your teeth and the pain doesn’t go away, it could be caused by an infection. At this time, you’ll want to immediately call our office so we can fit you into our schedule. We’ll help you along every step of the way and ensure that you get the high-quality care you need to relieve your pain.

Are emergency dental visits covered by my insurance?

There’s no one cost to emergency dental visits because, depending on the damage, every patient’s treatment plan varies. The best way to learn whether your benefits will cover your visit is to contact your provider. Our team will be more than happy to help you with this. At Premier Care Dental, we also offer additional financing options with CareCredit and Proceed Finance. This way, you won’t have to break your monthly budget to get the dental treatment you need.