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4 Reasons Not to Wait Until Wisdom Teeth are Removed to Get Braces

November 12, 2019

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Teen with BracesOrthodontic treatment for your teenager can be costly and could take years. As such, some parents are tempted to wait until after their teen’s wisdom teeth have come in; why take a chance of those third molars erupting and ruining all of that work? However, in the long run, you’ll find that delaying orthodontic treatment usually isn’t worth it. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t let wisdom teeth in Grants Pass stop your teen from getting braces.

1. Delaying Orthodontic Treatment Can Make It More Complicated

Braces are usually worn by younger children because their jaws are still developing, meaning the necessary adjustments can be made relatively easily. However, wisdom teeth don’t usually emerge until around ages 17 to 21; if you wait until then, it can make the orthodontic treatment significantly more complicated, and it will typically last much longer. Additionally, you’ll likely end up looking for an orthodontist at around the same time your teen is getting ready for college, which could lead to problems if they end up going to a school in another city or state. Why go through all that when you can simplify the process by getting braces early on?

2. Your Dentist Can Diagnose Crowding Problems Before Any Damage is Done

Through careful monitoring of your child’s oral health, your dentist will be able to catch potential overcrowding problems before their wisdom teeth ever have a chance to erupt. That means they can plan ahead for a tooth extraction in Grants Pass before any permanent damage is done to your teen’s smile.

3. Wisdom Teeth Can Be Removed While Your Teen Has Braces

If you’re worried about wisdom teeth erupting in the middle of an orthodontic treatment, don’t worry! An extraction can be performed even while your teen is wearing braces. The wisdom teeth can be taken care of while the rest of your teen’s pearly whites continue to receive adjustment.

4. Sometimes Wisdom Teeth Don’t Even Need to Be Extracted

Despite what you may think, sometimes wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed. If your teen’s third molars can erupt safely and don’t cause any oral health issues, then it’s okay to keep them. Your dentist should be able to determine whether or not wisdom teeth will cause problems during the early teen years. (There are also rare occasions where wisdom teeth never appear at all; obviously, in these cases there’s no need to worry about them interfering with orthodontic work!)

If you still have concerns about your teen’s wisdom teeth or their braces, talk to your dentist; they can help you identify any problem areas and guide you towards treatment plans that will set your teen up for life with a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile.

About the Author

Dr. Tanner Barratt has been helping people restore their smiles and overcome their dental pain for over four years now. He can examine your teen’s mouth and help you select treatments that will help them maintain optimum oral health. To ask about wisdom tooth extractions or voice concern about your teen’s braces, you can schedule an appointment at Premier Care Dental in Grants Pass by visiting Dr. Barratt’s website or calling (541) 476-4583.

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